Board Members

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National Board Members

Board of Directors
Board Member Term of Office, 4 years
Undergraduate Members, 1 Year

Term Expires Convention 2021
James Desmond, National Secretary
Jason Pettine, Chairman of the Board
Dylan Cosgrove

Term Expires Convention 2023
Jon Kadel, Executive Director
Todd Serbent – Sergeant at Arms
Matthew Panchuck
Michael Cristiani

Undergraduate Representatives

Field Consultants

Alpha Chapter – James Tormey
Epsilon Chapter – Dylan Curtis
Lambda Chapter – Todd Serbent
Nu Chapter – Todd Serbent
Rho Chapter – Jeff Barnard Jr.
Sigma Chapter – James Desmond
Alpha Alpha Chapter – Jeff Barnard Jr. / Andre Begin
Alpha Gamma Chapter – Jon Kadel / Eric Kwapich
Alpha Delta Chapter – James Desmond
Alpha Theta – Jon Kadel
Alpha Iota – Alex Moore
Alpha Kappa – Leo Kim

  • Vision

    The premier national fraternity setting the standard of brotherhood

  • Mission

    The purposes of this fraternity shall be to bring together males of good character who are studying in institutions of higher education and who manifest a keen interest in higher education, to promote the highest ideals and educational practices, to promote a spirit of good citizenship and to seek change in our institution only through duly constituted authority, to actively support the fight against discrimination on the basis of race, color, or creed, and to strengthen and preserve the bonds of brotherhood which link men together working toward a common cause.